It’s time to unleash your creative potential with Lewisham Music’s exciting creative careers programme!

Are you a young adult aged 18 to 30, excited to kickstart your career in the creative industry? Look no further!


Lewisham Music has you covered with an exciting opportunity that could lead you to a thriving creative future! Learn and gain invaluable insights to steer your creative journey from industry professionals leading our courses and engaging in panel discussions.


Upcoming courses


Sound to Glastonbury


Are you aged 18-25, and from a Black and Global Majority background?


This is an exciting opportunity for four aspiring sound engineers to attend Glastonbury Festival 2024, working on electronic dance music events.


Start date: Wednesday 22 May



A young producer at work in the Novelist Studio


More to follow

We’re currently cooking up loads more courses and talks so make sure keep reading about Creative Futures below, sign yourself up and be first to hear about them!




Discover your creative superpowers

Creative Futures is ambitious, but it’s totally doable. It’s created to cater to the actual needs of aspiring creatives just like you. This initiative offers exciting creative skills programmes that delve into different aspects of the music industry. You’ll get to explore a variety of exciting subjects like audio engineering, crewing, writing for library music briefs, and stage management, the list goes on. Our comprehensive programmes make sure you’ll be fully equipped for the ever-changing and vibrant creative world.


Meet Tilda, our Creative Careers Producer 

Tilda brings extensive local music knowledge as well as wide links throughout London and across the country, and will be here to connect you with the right opportunities, support and information that’s available right here in Lewisham, and beyond, helping you find work in the creative industry and to navigate the tricky path into it.



What to expect

Boost your skills: Unleash your potential with skills honed for your chosen field, essential for your success. Get ready for hands-on, real-world experiences that will set the stage for your remarkable journey.


Believe in your passion: New motivation and a positive shift in your attitude, and newfound excitement for your work. We’re here to spark your creativity and boost your passions!


Experience the industry: Learn from industry professionals who will lead the courses and engage in panel discussions. Gain insights and firsthand knowledge to steer your creative journey.


Explore exciting subjects: Dive into a range of subjects, including audio engineering, crewing, songwriting for library music and the sync industry, and stage management. Our courses ensure you’re well-prepared for the dynamic and vibrant creative landscape.




Outcomes: Your future, our promise 

At Lewisham Music, your future is our top priority. We’re dedicated to helping you flourish in the creative industry and are confident that our programme will lead to…


Unbounded confidence: Watch your confidence soar as you master occupation-specific skills, with our support from day one.


Increased motivation: Prepare for a positive transformation in motivation, attitudes, and work behaviours. We’re your partners in inspiring greatness.


Seize the opportunity: Equip yourself with the tools to grab the opportunities awaiting you in the creative industry.


When will Creative Futures begin

We’re currently cooking up loads of courses and talks and will confirm the details in January, ready for everything to begin in March 2024.

Start creating your future now

If you’re eager to create your future now, and want more information about our exciting programmes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your interests.




How to get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved in Creative Futures then click the button below and sign yourself up, you’ll then be first to hear about all of our upcoming plans.


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