Get to know some of the emerging young artists from our New Levels Artist Development programme.


We caught up with a few of the young artists to find out a bit more about them and how music helps shape their lives.


Miles Productions




Favourite artist

Kamasi Washington.


About me

I like to produce music. I like things I hear, and I like to try and replicate that, or kind of mix things together and I’ve been playing the guitar for a long time since I was about seven years old.


What does music mean to you

Music has made a really big difference to my life because… It makes me happy and producing does as well and I think without music I wouldn’t really know what to do.


Where do you see yourself in five years time

Five years, I just hope to be a producer for other people. Yeah, just other artists in the UK. So in five years, I’d just like to produce for other artists, maybe I’d like to do some stuff with bands aswell.


Joobs Jr




Which artists would you collab with

Young Adz.


About me

My name is Miah AKA Joobs Jr. I’m from Lewisham and I love music. Music is my life. Been doing it from when I was about 7. And yeah, now I’m 15.


What made you start doing music

My first memory of music. Probably at home with my mum whilst she’s banging out the Alicia Keys album… I started to write lyrics because I’m not that great at expressing how I feel, but when it came to music I would hear songs and be like, oh, that’s how I feel. From this I started to put my personal life into my lyrics and my music started to develop.


What does music mean to you

Music has really helped me. It just really helps me regulate my emotions basically.


What projects are you working on now

I’m working on an EP right now, just about everything I’ve been through, starting to cater to everyone ’cause no one’s life is perfect. So yeah, planning on dropping some singles before the EP, little visuals here and there that. Just yeah, put myself on the map.




About me

I’ve been making music for ages, ever since I can remember, 3-4 years. All different types, like, started off with spoken word, more poetic and then now, more like rap, deep rap, so a lot of influences from UK rap that impact the style that I have now.


What made you start doing music

Music is a way to express yourself freely, ’cause when you’re young you don’t really have that sort of platform. Well, now with projects like this, you do, but music is like a gateway into that, and being able to just express where you come from and who you are.


Where can people hear your music

Youtube and I have a song on Spotify with Big Zuu called Great to Be Remix.

Who is your favourite artist

It’s got to be Dave.


Nxt 2 Savage


About me

I started music in school, since I was in Year 7. When I first got into the music studio in my school, I was like. What do I do? And I was just confused, but now I’ve come to this studio, I can put what I’ve learned there into practice. I am a artist and producer. I’ve been making a mixture, so, I do some hip hop, some drill.


What does music mean to you

What music means to me is that you can use it in many ways, like to represent your background and where you’re coming from, you can use it to broadcast to people your feelings and changes that you want to happen around to you.


Who is your favourite artist

Tion Wayne


Who would you love to collab with

I’m not really sure. I’m 14 now, so yeah when I’m 19 I will hopefully be working with some artists who I listen to regularly like Dave and Tion Wayne.


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