Lewisham Music worked in partnership with arts charity Tramshed to deliver a series of artist development workshops in our new Novelist Studio at The Fellowship. The workshops were led by MOBO nominee Capo Lee and industry professional music producer Intalekt. 


Nineteen emerging artists aged 15-19, took part in this artist development series and gained opportunities to; share their music, receive feedback, gain insight on the music industry and collaborate with Capo and Intalekt to explore lyric writing, music production, recording and performance skills. 


“This session has been so good for me, having input from the tutors has literally taken my music to the next level.”

Young artist, age 17





Who we worked with


young creatives 


of young people are from areas ranked as the most deprived (measured against the IMD) 


are from the African diaspora


were from the Asian diaspora and


were from other ethnically diverse communities 


aged 15-16


aged 17-19 


are in receipt of Free School Meals 


are living in care 


identify as having a disability 






Following their artist development workshops…


of young people felt better able to express their own ideas through music 


of young people felt they had learned new skills 


of young people reported having a better understanding of how to release their music 


of young people felt they developed a deeper understanding of lyric writing and/or music production 


of young people felt the workshop had inspired them to continue my journey into developing their music 




Feedback from young artists

Here’s what some of the young artists had to say about the project…


“Essentially, music helps me express myself in different ways. I’m not just a boy who is a young carer. Music basically made me who I am today.”

Young artist, age 18



“Music is a way to express yourself freely, ’cause when you’re young you don’t really have that sort of platform. Well, now with projects like this, you do. Music is like a gateway into that, and being able to just express where you come from and who you are.”

Young artist, age 15



“I don’t write lyrics or rap or sing or anything, even though I just make music, music still helps express my emotions…. I remember a few months ago I was feeling quite sad at school and then I produced this song and it’s quite like a sad sounding song and it kind of helped me express how I felt.”

Young artist, age 16



Feedback from project facilitator


“This project was such a uniquely transformative experience for these young artists. Working alongside people from within the music industry equipped this group of emerging young artists with new opportunities to collaborate, refine their craft and the confidence to push their comfort zones.”


Meet some of the emerging artists

We took some of the young artists aside for a chat, please click the link at the bottom of the page to read their bios and get to know them.


Check out some pictures from New Levels 



Project funders/partners

This project was kindly funded in partnership with Tramshed.


Tramshed's website


More projects like New Levels will be coming soon!