Shout out to all the organisations making a difference out there!


It was #WorldMusicDay last week so we thought we’d slightly change that to #WorldMusicDay365 to highlight the impact and great work Music Education Hubs and music charities do across the country every day throughout the year in order to create positive change in young people’s lives.


This #WorldMusicDay365 we take a look back at some key areas of impact over the last few years, including Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Youth Voice, and music and mental health.



Lewisham Music is an award-winning independent charity on a mission to inspire and empower young people across our community through a diverse programme of learning and music-making.


We believe in creating nurturing spaces where thousands of children and young people can come together to learn, create, explore, and connect through music.


Last year alone we worked with over 6700 children and young people on a weekly basis.


This is just a little snippet, to read more about our impact please head to the link below and have a browse through the ‘Impact Hub’! Why stop there, have a look through everything and come and get involved!


We’d love to hear how music has impacted your lives – drop us a message and share your stories!