Biggest of shout outs to wordsmith phenom, Nathaniel, aka Ziggy!


Nathaniel was invited to perform and close out the London Youth Awards 2023, and he came with some flaming hot bars, wavy flows, and all-round word slinging, leaving the audience with their jaws fully dropped.


When Ziggy got on stage and introduced himself as 15-year-old Nathaniel, he was met with some ‘AAHHHHHs’, but as soon as the words started flowing, gobs were smacked to say the least as he stunned the crowd with his skills!


Not only this but he managed to sneak in his trigonometry homework in-between rehearsals, what can we say, rappers love tangents!!


Watch Ziggy’s performance



What an EPIC performance! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥




15-year-old Nathaniel has been ever-present at our music production workshops, lyric writing sessions, Fellowship Music Collective projects, and takeover gigs for many years which has seen him grow as both an artist and an individual. Ziggy is currently learning about recording techniques in both the lyric writing and music production sessions each week, and is applying this knowledge towards his personal EP project as well as his schoolwork.


Being invited to perform at such a prestigious event is testament to his hard work, talent, and dedication, and he was in good company in a room packed with loads of inspiring youth charities.


Thanks for the inviting us London Youth, what an inspiring night – loads of great performances and loads of great organisations, congrats to everyone who picked up an award!


Check out some photos from the event



Gnarly photos courtesy of Kid Circus x London Youth


Big shout out

Big shout out to all the great youth work going on out there!


London Youth Awards

The London Youth Awards are a unique date in the capital’s calendar when the youth sector is celebrated for its work shaping the lives of young people, recognising the impact of youth work and the people who make it happen.