It’s #TrusteesWeek – shout out to all the Trustees out there!


Often unseen and unhyped, Trustees are vital to the work of charities like Lewisham Music.


We’ve got an epic Board of Trustees who are responsible for the governance and oversight of the charity. Our Trustees represent a broad mix of skills, backgrounds, and perspectives, and dedicate their spare time to help the charity create positive change in young people’s lives through music.


What better way to celebrate they’re awesomeness than to turn them pink for the week!



We caught up with all our Trustees to find out a bit about their backgrounds, their music tastes, and most importantly, their favourite places in Lewisham (spoiler – the ‘Big Cat’ in Catford is in there! – shout out to the big cat).


Click the button below and come and meet the Trustees.


Meet out Trustees


To all our Trustees, both present and past, THANK YOU, YOU’RE THE BEST! The charity wouldn’t be where it is without you.



Lateefah Brown


We caught up with one of our newest Trustees, Lateefah Brown and asked a few burning questions.


What first interested you about becoming a Lewisham Music Trustee?


“Being a lewisham resident and being enthralled in music just seemed like the perfect match. Though I’m still developing my experience within music i do feel as though i have a perspective and value to offer within the community and of course with LM.”



What other organisations do you work with?


“I work with a charity organisation called Kreative talks, they bridge the gap between those who solve social issues and those who experience them. I also work with a music management company called Legends 4 eva entertainment, that is a music management company and charity that support grassroots artists and hosts events.”



Why is the role of a Trustee so important?


“Becoming a trustee is a great way to give back to causes and communities you care about. You play an integral part in the way the charity is run, ensuring it remains sustainable and is making effective change and impact.”



What are you most looking forward to doing as a Trustee with Lewisham Music?


“At the moment I look forward to learning more about the fundamentals of how the charity is run and keeping my ears open within the community to see how i can offer ideas that aid those that we are trying to help. Also building my confidence in leadership and decision making.”



What advice would you give someone who was considering becoming a Trustee?


“Always be honest and not afraid to voice your opinion, your perspective and experience is always valuable. Be proactive in getting involved not just in the community but outside of your local community.”