Rapper/Lyricist Kenny Baraka gives an inspired masterclass of lyricism to help get your minds moving in different directions.


From his upbringing in Brooklyn, New York, where he was a formative part of the 90’s Golden Era NYC hip-hop scene to his international recording and touring career with the likes of Tribe Called Quest, Supernatural, Omar, De La Soul, Rodney P, Burning Spear, Common Sense and KISS FM’s DJ Shortee Blitz, Kenny has been making and performing music across the world.


Residing in the UK for over 10 years, he has combined his musical background with his BA in World History & Literature, his MA studies in Community Organising and many years of teaching experience to work with and inspire young people from across the UK.



Lyricism 101 – considerations to crafting your lyrics

The only way to measure the quality of lyrics is how effectively they are able to communicate their message or point. In other words, what you write, speak & “spit” is judged by how well you are able to express your ideas and “make clear in someone else’s mind what is in yours”.


Kenny has kindly provided us with some top tips for writing lyrics, as well as some activities for you to get involved with, please click the button below and get writing!


Lyricism 101 - top tips and activities