Join Deputy CEO Asif Afridi from specialist equality charity ‘brap’ as he shares some of his personal reflections as a facilitator on our Amplifying Voices programme.


Lewisham Music was the lead organisation in an 18 month organisational development programme, exploring EDI with a particular focus on anti-racism within music education.


Alongside ‘brap’ we worked with two partner Music Education Hubs ‘Royal Greenwich Music Service’ and ‘Lambeth Music Service’. We hope that some of the reflections shared through this video will resonate and/or support your journey around EDI.





Asif shared some interesting things for us all to consider and particularly for those of us in Leadership roles when we think about where we are at on our EDI journey. Some questions to consider…


When you run meetings/ engage staff are there some people who are more likely to speak?


  • Do white-presenting colleagues get more ‘air-time’?

  • Do I ensure that it is not only people with lived experience of racism in the organisation who are taking on the burden of anti-racism work?

  • Do I notice when people are feeling excluded in my organisation and do I actively call out exclusionary behaviours/ cliques?

  • Are a range of forms of music and instruments valued within my music education hub, or is there a ‘hierarchy’?

  • Have I heard my colleagues make assumptions about children and young people from particular backgrounds and their capacity to learn music – and have I challenged them?


Check out some great resources to refer to when developing your personal and/or organisation’s work around anti-racism…


Non-racist vs. anti-racist: what’s the difference?

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Handbook exploring anti-racism and power in civil society

Includes a range of practical exercises focused on anti-racist leadership) 

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The Equality Republic

Network of equality practitioners who share ideas and practice, with a particular focus on anti-racism

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Reflections on developing an anti-racist professional practice in music education

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There is also a rich stream of work on anti-racism and music education in America. Here are two examples of US University resources on anti-racism and music education (US-focused content)…


UNC College of Arts and Science

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Northeast University

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